Venue Wi-fi

Spatial Code Connect For Venue Wi-fi & More:

The first step towards cracking your venues Spatial Code is to ensure that you are providing the best in class venue wi-fi performance to your guests and employees.  The marketplace is seeing a seismic shift in the number of devices and the amount of content that people are consuming on those devices.  This perfect storm of device and content demand presents a number challenges to existing wi-fi infrastructure and it’s ability to deliver a positive guest, customer, and employee experience in all office wi-fi networks, wi-fi options for apartments, and hospitality wi-fi.

Spatial Code brings your business into the future with guest wi-fi solutions that both enhance customer experience at your location and improve the bottom line of your business. Our store wi-fi tracking allows owners to better assist customers, increase sales, and discover new ways to maximize profits. For those in the hospitality business, our hotel wi-fi is like no other, and our apartment internet options will help your tenants get the reliable connectivity they need. As the world’s connectivity grows, Spatial Code has the solution to ensure that the future of your location is a bright one -- wherever it may be.

Our team of wi-fi deployment experts will assess your existing wi-fi infrastructure, and provide recommendations on how to optimize your location to take advantage of a strong wi-fi network that will provide value to both your customers and organizational stakeholders. Schedule a consultation here.

Connect Advantage:

  • Lightning fast wi-fi ensuring all devices have optimal connections at all locations within your facility

  • Provides a simple and cost effective way to monitor your wi-fi network in real time

  • Simplify wi-fi deployments across multiple branch offices and work from home locations



Security, Onboarding, Data Capture, Monetization


Context, Proximity, and Location Aware Messaging and Wayfinding


Analytics, Metrics, Business Intelligence, and Objective Strategy