Venue Wi-fi

Spatial Code Connect For Venue Wi-fi & More:

The first step towards cracking your venues Spatial Code is to ensure that you are providing the best in class venue Wi-Fi performance to your guests and employees.  The marketplace is seeing a seismic shift in the number of devices and the amount of content that people are consuming on those devices.  This perfect storm of device and content demand presents a number challenges to existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and it’s ability to deliver a positive guest, customer, and employee experience in all office wi-fi networks, wi-fi options for apartments, and hospitality wi-fi.

With challenges also comes great opportunity.  Our team of Wi-Fi deployment experts will assess your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, and provide recommendations on how to optimize your location to take advantage of a strong Wi-Fi network that will provide value to both your customers and organizational stakeholders. Schedule a consultation here.

Connect Advantage:

  • Lightning fast Wi-Fi ensuring all devices have optimal connections at all locations within your facility

  • Provides a simple and cost effective way to monitor your Wi-Fi network in real time

  • Simplify Wi-Fi deployments across multiple branch offices and work from home locations



Security, Onboarding, Data Capture, Monetization


Context, Proximity, and Location Aware Messaging and Wayfinding


Analytics, Metrics, Business Intelligence, and Objective Strategy