Wifi Customer Analytics

Spatial Code Wi-fi Location Data Insight:

Spatial Code’s Insight tool brings digital level wi-fi analytics, wi-fi locations data, wi-fi custom analytics, and guest wi-fi analytics to brick and mortar locations.  We allow venues the ability to collect data on people, devices, and apps on their network and glean useful customer insights.  

The more you know about your customers the more you can grow your business. The right wi-fi location analytics will make this possible. With our wi-fi analytics software, you won't have to guess how your customers interact with your business anymore, and you won't have to guess how to give them the best experience possible. A wi-fi analytics tool like Spatial Code allows your business to fully take advantage of the connected marketplace we all exist in.

Our Wi-fi Data Analytics Provide:

  • Number of visitors and time spent at specific venue locations

  • Repeat visitor frequency

  • Capture rate of in-store displays

  • Customer demographic and lifestyle information

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Wireless/Wired Infrastructure, Cloud and Applications


Security, Onboarding, Data Capture, Monetization


Context, Proximity, and Location Aware Messaging and Wayfinding