Spatial Code Guide:

Providing lightning quick Wi-Fi is just the first step in providing your visitors with an amazing mobile experience.  Today's mobile engagement opportunities offer venues the ability to provide location aware information to anyone who enters their facility.

Over 85% of people who walk into your venue today will carry a Smart Phone.  Many of those guests use a location based app such as Google maps or Waze to get turn by turn directions to find your location.  However, once that guest arrives at your location, those same tools are rendered obsolete, and guests are forced to trade down to more archaic form of navigating a location.

 Not anymore.  Spatial Code’s mobile engagement team can build your venue a new app, or improve existing apps that allow location aware messaging. Our technology can identify a guests location and provide a variety of location based services including

  • A blue dot guide that maps your entire venue and provides guest with “you are here” mapping context
  • Turn by turn directions to key locations and amenities
  • Push notifications providing timely information and offers

Utilizing this technology venues can increase share of wallet, build customer loyalty, and collect location specific data of their guests.  
Already deploy blazing fast Wi-Fi? No problem our location based mobile technology can work with existing Wi-Fi networks.
Have an existing Mobile App?  Our Mobile SKD allows us to install a simple line of code on existing apps to make them location aware.



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