The Fundamentals Of Location Intelligence Infrastructure

The Fundamentals Of Location Intelligence Infrastructure

When outfitting a location much thought is put into internal IT infrastructure and business operations, then followed by the points of sales and financial systems. What is normally not discussed in most organizations is how do we leverage the tech for marketing our location and streamlining business operations? How do we make the most of our online presence in the physical experience? 

Companies that think and build holistically will outpace their competitors. Instead of only modeling the customer traffic patterns, also model the data paths and flow collection. The combinative application of technology and marketing and online and offline is the master key and extremely powerful.

What are some of the key technology components to be considered in physical space?  Each environment is different, and different vertical markets have varied considerations.  Here are some key elements to be considered.

Guest WiFi

This is an absolute necessity and one of the core entry points to a user device and behaviors. The installation of WiFi for density or coverage is distinctly different than when building out for marketing purposes. Consult professionals who have deep experience here. WiFi will act as a backbone to all other implementations in the space. 



Recent developments to the Bluetooth standards promise advancements and new opportunities. Keep a close eye on this tech as companies and manufacturers will be adjusting on the fly to accommodate. Short-range direct and personal messaging and prompting will take on a new life. Expect new energies to the space here as well. When selecting a manufacturer consider the entire ecosystem integrations.


The mobile device goes with the user. Make a single seamless experience for the person at your location, at home, or on the go and watch the customer journey unfold. Apps have smaller components tied into them like captive portals and payment processors that will need updating and connection. The backend APIs now being offered from manufacturers presents additional data layers and opportunities.


We are not talking Google search here. This is the ability to log vast amounts of information with massive data sets and points. It is one thing to identify all of the possible data, another to be able to capture it, and something entirely different to be able to search and use it on demand. Ask Netflix…. they built libraries of code to address this. Think of all the users on all devices each with different viewing habits and choices. A needle in a haystack is easy in comparison. 

These are just some of the fundamentals that our customers are using to build the backbone of their Next Generation Location.  Other technologies often come into consideration depending on the organizational goals of each deployment. Feel contact us to learn more.

Dino Cicala