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Does your facility currently have a Wi-Fi network?
If you do have a Wi-Fi in your facility, please click on the (test below?) and select the answer that fits the results best:
How recent was your WiFi network hardware updated?
Approximately how many Access Points are installed in your facility?
What is the approximate size of your facility?
What is the estimate amount of persons at the facility on a daily basis?
Does your organization isolate Guest, Employee, VoIP or other network traffic?
Is there an automated process in place to on-board Guests, Employees, devices, for WiFi access?
Does the network have any measures in place to monitor or detect rogue or malicious devices?
Does your network have the ability to quarantine devices that are detected as rogue or malicious?
Do you currently use Beacons at your facility?
Are you able to track the dwell time of a person at a specific location in your facility?
Do you currently monetize Wifi access either through providing it as a service or the collection of data?
Do you currently have any mobile apps that use location based services, such as way finding, Push Messaging, or the like?