We are at the tipping point of current network technology's ability handle the multitude of devices and streaming content that today’s guests consume at a location.
The ability to offer fast and secure Wi-Fi access is table stakes for any venue looking to provide high levels of customer satisfaction.
The stress on today’s networks will only become compounded with the continued explosion of IoT devices and the rapid rate of cord cutting which makes content more portable than ever.
This reality also creates bandwidth and security concerns for organizations.

Companies have been creating mobile applications for years, but unfortunately most of them are offering duplicative experiences to existing websites.
The apps are not adding value to the guest experience because they are not providing location and contextually aware information.
Additionally,  companies are not leveraging the rich data and analytics that location driven mobile technology can bring to their organization.
As a result most company apps go unused and provide no return on investment to the business.

Spatial Code offers next generation locations Four core products:


Wireless/Wired Infrastructure,
cloud and applications


network Security, Onboarding,
Data Capture, Monetization


Context, Proximity, and Location Aware Messaging and Wayfinding


Analytics, Metrics, Business Intelligence, and Objective Strategy