Laying the Initial Groundwork for Location Marketing Innovation

Laying the Initial Groundwork for Location Marketing Innovation


At the onset of our company, it was a shared belief, between my partner Evan and I that technology and marketing were not just complimentary but necessary counterparts in today’s organizations. This combination unlocks the company’s full potential in not only realizing their own goals but also in meeting and exceeding the expectations and standards of the customers and clients they serve.

In my 30 plus years with hands-on technology experience (yes I started very early), I have witnessed many changes in the industry. The obvious rapid development in hardware and software but primarily in how technology is utilized.

Marketers and design aficionados seek the best way to reach people where they are at and when they are most ready to encounter their message. Masters of their craft and dedication to their field, marketing is also ever-evolving and impacted by technology. IT not to be siloed should be operating as an internal strategic arm, enabling the particular advancement.

A Changing Location Marketing Landscape

We believe there is a dramatic shift taking place. It will impact and ripple through industries, small and large alike. When companies begin to truly harness the treasure trove of infinite detail streaming through their technology networks, physical locations, and user devices, again rapid advancement will take place. Today we are aware of this data stream, but few are wielding its power. Now this all may seem like old news to some or most of us who have been aware of this for years. For the transformation to truly take place the hearts and minds of people must be ready to embrace this idea first.

A decade ago when we started this journey the concepts were there but the backend streams and connections were nascent. Today the technology and the people are primed and ready to go. Cross-discipline teams are forming within companies. The traditional roles are being challenged and the lines of responsibility are being blurred.

We are here as a company to enable and empower entire organizations and dedicated teams to be above the clouds in their efforts. Coordinations, connections and the code all aligned to form seamless pathways of information that can be used for a variety of applications. Sales, marketing, customer service, support, all areas stand to benefit from the implementation of this technology and marketing combination.

The companies that integrate these disciplines quickest, the first movers will carry a clear advantage into the marketplace and forge the future of their respective industry.

Some practical things that should be considered and solved for:


Unless leadership has embraced the concept of blending technology and marketing efforts you will have a hard time rapidly innovating. Self-awareness check: You may be the one in your organization to start this movement so be ready.


Technology being so prevalent, the broad set of manufacturers, options and differences become challenging to wrangle in. Consider streamlining older systems built with different manufacturers and standards into a single powerhouse portfolio. Do not be afraid of this transition, although may be difficult the payoff, in the end, will justify its costs of time, effort and money.


Align standards, and push innovation. Teams working in tandem to expand the possibilities and strengthen the company position is a fine top-level strategy. However, encourage the inspection of the details. Two seemingly unrelated data points may be the difference between a profitable year or a sluggish one.


Simply because smartphones and devices have taken over the world does not mean that physical locations are not important to your company. Consider the physical location just as important as any digital asset, or website. Your location is not meant to be static, but dynamic and pulsing. Use it as a tool to close the loop between the physical and digital worlds. Once the loop is closed, the information, results, and progress will flow as an unimpeded electric circuit does.


Promote critical and radical thinkers and encourage next level conceptualists. Make the data and information available and usable to the humans of your organization, not just to the machines. It will be wondrous to watch people discover new possibilities.

-Dino Cicala